The program


This fourth conference will focus on how writers, guilds, and collective management organizations around the world are adapting to, and challenging, the altered media and geo-political landscapes.
Through panels, interviews, presentations and workshops, we’ll examine the writer’s situation from a creative and financial perspective in the larger context of the world we live in, with an emphasis on the exchange of proven strategies for empowering all writers.

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Day 1 - October 10, 2018

Time Assembly Hall / Plenar Saal Black Box
10:00 am Opening Addresses
Carolin Otto, Michael Winship
10:20 am Welcome Remarks
Christian Gaebler, Head of Senate Chancellery Berlin
10:30 am Keynote : Speech
Carolin Otto
11:00 am Welcome Remarks
Prof. Monika Grütters MdB, Minister of State for Culture and the Media
11:15 am Keynote : Interview
Gloria Calderón Kellett, Teresa de Rosendo
11:45 am Coffee and Networking
12:15 pm Showrunners - Shifting Power to the Writer
With more countries adopting the showrunner model of television production, our panel will discuss the similarities and differences in their responsibilities, approach, remuneration models, and how the position is evolving.
Marjorie David (Moderator), Dennis Heaton, Steven Moffat, Sebastian Andrae
SVOD by the Numbers
With more than 359 million subscribers worldwide by the end of this year, subscription video on demand is a huge opportunity for writers. How important is SVOD compared to traditional broadcasting, what will its impact be and how soon? What do we know about writers’ compensation for SVOD production and what will be the impact of SVOD huge and growing subscriber base?
David Kavanagh (Moderator), Ellen Stutzman, Guillaume Prieur, Christian Grece
1:30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Netflix - Love It or Hate It, It’s Here to Stay
As the streaming service continues to be the dominant international provider of subscription video on demand, we hear from writers on the creative process of Netflix Originals, the influence on local production, and the unique challenges presented.
Christopher Keyser (Moderator), Elena Soarez, Camilla Ahlgren, Jannik Tai Mosholt, Vasant Nath
The Value of Fictional Narratives to Society
Fictional narratives, both comedic and dramatic, have the ability to deliver deep, sometimes uncomfortable, truths about human nature and the world around us. Yet rising populism and reality programming are squeezing out these stories. How can we protect this kind of truthtelling in both public and private broadcasting and on the big screen.
Peter Henning (Moderator), Denis Rabaglia, Jeremy Pikser, Michel Duchesne, Makganwana Mokgalong
3:45 pm Coffee and Networking
4:15 pm Talking Co-Productions
High quality dramatic programs are increasingly relying on international co-production models for financing and talent. One of Germany’s most esteemed producers talks about his approach and the vital role of the writer.
Sebastian Andrae (Moderator), Oliver Berben
Cultural Diversity in an International Market
In a system of massive, concentrated global distribution networks, how do we retain local film and television programming on our screens?
Maureen Parker (Moderator), Carole Tongue
5:00 pm Reality Check on Writers Rooms
We check in with writers working in a room to discuss how scripts and credit are divided in different countries, what they’d like to see change, and whether there is an upswing in internationalized rooms.
Josep Gatell (Moderator), Teresa de Rosendo, Vasant Nath, Marta Betoldi, Marie Roussin, Malin-Sarah Gozin, Motasem Ali
6:00 pm Club Room > 6:00 - 10:00 pm > WCOS RECEPTION > 4th Floor, Academy of Arts


Day 2 - October 11, 2018

Time Assembly Hall / Plenar Saal Black Box
10:00 am Subversive Scripts
Whether it’s through the use of history, a focus on family, or elevating a genre, the selection of entry points to their storytelling have enabled these writers to skillfully hold a mirror to reflect on the turmoil of the present day.
Michael Winship (Moderator), Karianne Lund, David A. Goodman, Chris Keyser, Alex Haridi
Copyright Law and Beyond: The Role of Guilds & CMOs in Ensuring Writers Get Paid
Copyright Law has been around for more than 200 years and yet writers still often do not get a fair return on their work. Recent developments in the EU have finally recognised the link between copyright and writers’ incomes. We look at the EU Copyright Directive, compare it with the rights situation in other parts of the world and how Guilds and CMOs can work together to use legal rights to put cash in writers’ pockets.
Robert Taylor (Moderator), Yves Nilly, Janine Lorente, Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Volker Rieck, Robert Staats
11:00 am Coffee and Networking
11:30 am Negotiation as Asymmetrical Warfare
The driving forces behind the Scriptwriters Guild of Israel share a presentation on their unusual direct actions: from ridiculing Parliamentary committees and designing photo ops to garnering press interest to a hunger strike to save public broadcasting.
Amit Leor (Moderator), Leora Kamenetzky
12:00 pm Too Dark, Too Smart - The Challenge of Creating Multi- Dimensional Female Characters
An informative, witty and provocative session that shines a light on where key creatives go wrong when creating female characters and why, in 2018, so many screenplays still contain thin, stereotypical female characters.
Fiona Samuel (Moderator), Kathryn Burnett
Organizing & Negotiating in a Changing Production Environment
Leaders in collective bargaining discuss their current challenges, successes, and strategies with a focus on production trends, both regional and global. Attendees are encouraged to discuss their own experiences and seek advice at this interactive session.
David Kavanagh (Moderator), Lowell Peterson, Alice Shearman, Denis Goulette, Peter Henning
1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm 50/50 by 2020
Many guilds have made gains in gender parity under the 50/50 by 2020 campaign umbrella. We discuss this worldwide phenomenon and the tools employed to achieve results.
Olivia Hetreed (Moderator), Jennifer Davidson, Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg
and others t.b.a
Local is Global
Writers are sometimes surprised by the global appeal of their seemingly local shows, and those from smaller territories are seeing their uniqueness of voice as a powerful asset on the international stage. From universally loved characters to superb dramatic tension, writers share what they believe to be the ingredients of global success.
Kathryn Burnett (Moderator), Mette Heeno, Tarja Kylmå
3:00 pm The Future of Screens
What is the impact of internet platforms and high-quality television shows on the big screens that made us love going to the movies? What makes films successful and what kind of stories do they demand? Why do theatrical releases work so well in some countries, while in others, movie theaters are closing one after the other. We talk about strategies for the future of the cinema experience with feature writers and specialists.
Alfred Holighaus (Moderator), Peter Dinges, Justin Kim, Boglarka Nagy, Cajetan Boy
3:45 pm Coffee and Networking
4:15 pm Writing Through Oppression
Berlin, with its heritage of both national-socialist and communist dictatorships, is the ideal place to discuss how writers live today under authoritarian regimes who target freedom of speech and the lives of writers.
Carolin Otto (Moderator), Maciej Karpinski, Howard A. Rodman, Anonymous Speaker, Jacob Groll
5:15 pm Remarks
Dr. Andreas Görgen
5:30 pm Keynote : Speech
James Schamus
6:15 pm Closing Remarks  


As of: October 4, 2018